Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. Why do I have to pay to play PTFG?
  2. Are there any additional fees after signing up for a league?
  3. What's the difference between a season and a session?
  4. Can I have more than one team in a league?
  5. Can I have your league emails go to a second email address?
  6. When are the weekly results posted?
  7. What happens if I can't login or access the site due a problem at my end?
  8. How do I know my lineup has been received by the system?
  9. Can I change my starting lineup after I submit it?
  10. Is there anything I can do to see the lineup deadline times in my own time zone?
  11. I'm not receiving lineup confirmation e-mails or any other league e-mails.
  12. How come the lineup drop-downs include all golfers instead of just those playing in the upcoming tournament?
  13. Do you offer private leagues?
  14. How does the country club setting work?
  15. Do you offer white label versions of your game?
  16. Who is the Commissioner?
  17. Is your fantasy golf website legal?
  18. Where can I find the answers to other questions?

Pick 3 Classic Format Only

  1. I'm not not going to have access to the Internet this weekend. How can I pick my Saturday sub?
  2. Can I change my Saturday / Sunday sub after I submit it?
  3. Why are the Saturday / Sunday lineup deadlines after some golfers have teed off?