Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

Private Leagues

Is your fantasy golf league tired of using email and spreadsheets to keep track of everyone's weekly picks? Or is your league using one of the big fantasy golf sites such as Yahoo! and you're frustrated because you missed the lineup deadline by 5 minutes so your fantasy golf season is now screwed? Well, you've come to the right place.

PTFG offers private leagues starting at $150 for up to 15 teams (that's a cost of just $10 per team). You can add more teams for $10 each. This price is negotiable for larger leagues so feel free to contact us for more info.

A private league allows you to be commissioner of your own league where you can set the league entry fee, prizes, tournament schedule, and more. You'll also have your own Clubhouse page for talking smack with your buddies. At 32 leagues and counting, our private leagues continue receive rave reviews:

As commissioner, it's your responsibility to create each team, collect all entry fees, and distribute all prizes. But other than that, we do the rest of the work including adjusting the lineup deadline times due to inclement weather conditions and calculating the weekly results & standings.

You can choose from 1 of 3 formats (One & Done, Let It Ride, and Pick 3 Classic). You can pick the start date for your league which can be up to 24 weeks long for the Pick 3 formats. Up to 37 weeks for the One & Done format (e.g. Tournament of Champions through Fed Ex Cup). You can also choose the number of sessions. For a 24-week season, we recommend 6 sessions, 4 weeks each.

In addition to picking your own format and schedule, other options include:
1) Ability to setup custom prizes (season, session, weekly, majors, FedEx playoffs).
2) Ability for your league commissioner to update anyone's lineup at any time.
3) Users can customize time zone for their location (for lineup deadline times).

A 15-20 minute commissioner training session over the phone is also included with your entry fee. For more information, simply drop us an email. Payment of $100 is due prior to league setup. The remaining portion can be paid after the season starts and the total number of teams is known.

If you have a PayPal account, we can setup your league so participants can sign-up online and pay you directly via PayPal (using their PayPal funds or a credit card). Those entry fees will go directly to your PayPal account. Just remember that PayPal will take out a 3% commission so that's the one downside for this convenience. Otherwise, you can choose to collect your entry fees the old fashioned way.

If you're your interested in your own private branded or white label version of our game, that's also available for an additional fee. Several examples sites include Riverbend Golfers, Westwood Country Club, and IHG Fantasy Golf.

Still unsure about a private league? Why not sign-up for a public league to further evaluate our game. Invite your friends so you can compete against them. Create your own country club to filter out the rest of the field.