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Is your fantasy golf league tired of using email and spreadsheets to keep track of everyone's weekly picks? Or is your league using one of the big fantasy golf sites such as Yahoo! and you're frustrated because you missed the lineup deadline by 5 minutes so your fantasy golf season is now screwed? If so, you've come to the right place for hosting your own fantasy golf league.

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Designed For Both the Casual and Hard Core Golf Fan

  • Season long format that is quick and easy to play each week.
  • Website tracks prizes for season, segment, and weekly winners.
  • League commissioners have full control over schedule, prizes, and lineups.
  • Three different game formats available

State-Of-The-Art Website

  • Easy to see every ones fantasy golf picks once play begins.
  • Built-in charts, statistics, and clubhouse message board functionality.
  • Prior seasons results kept as part of each league's historical data.
  • Links to weekly golfer pick recommendations available on Resources page.
  • Automated weekly set lineup email reminders (configurable).
  • Mobile friendly on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.

Dump the spreadsheet and let us host your fantasy golf league online. Three different game formats available including One & Done, Pick 3 Classic, and Let It Ride.