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A season is typically composed of 10 to 34 weeks depending on what your league chooses. A segment usually consists of 4 to 10 consecutive weeks within the season. A season consists of multiple segments. Think of each segment as a mini-season in which prizes can also be awarded to top performers. Sessions add to the overall strategy and provide additional opportunities to win prizes throughout the season; especially for those who fall out of season prize contention early.
There are 3 ways you can confirm your lineup was received by the system:

  1. Check the Results page which you should be forwarded to upon submitting your lineup, or
  2. Check for a confirmation e-mail, or
  3. Return to the Lineup page and review your picks
On the Results page, you can always see your lineup but no one else's until the lineup deadline passes. You can determine if someone else has submitted their starting lineup because you'll see "-- XXXXXXXX --" for each starting golfer. However, in the Pick 3 Classic format, you don't get this indication for Sat / Sun subs as it is considered strategically revealing.
If you are unable to submit your lineup via the site for whatever reason (can't access site, forgot password, etc.), you should submit your lineup via e-mail to your league commissioner. League commissioners have the ability to update your lineup at any time.
Yes, you can change your pick(s) as many times as you'd like as long as it's before the lineup deadline time. Each time you submit a lineup, you'll get an e-mail confirming your latest pick(s).
Yes, you can configure your preferred time zone by clicking on the "My Profile" link at the bottom of each page (after you've login). Selecting your time zone will cause the lineup deadline times to be displayed in your local time on the Lineup page as well as in the weekly lineup e-mail reminders.
We don't have the ability to get real-time updates on who is and who isn't playing a tournament. Plus, golfers withdraw and get added to tournaments at the very last minute. Therefore, we've put this onus on each participant and suggest they always check various Internet sources to determine who's playing each week (e.g. tournament website, golfer news, Vegas odds, etc). We've actually made this very easy by providing you with links to many of the best sites on our "Resources" page. There is also a "Check Field" button on the Lineup page which will take you straight to the player field listing for the upcoming tournament. Usually you'll find this page to be the most current resource of any, so it's always worth double-checking. For some reason, if you don't see a golfer's name in the lineup drop-down, just send us an e-mail and we'll get him added right away.
This is an optional setting for leagues. If enabled, each participant can choose their own country club value which appears next to their name in the standings. The country club value doesn't have to be real country club. It can simply be any made up name. By setting up a Country Club attribute which matches your friends, you can easily filter the Standings, Weekly Results, and Statistics pages to see how you're doing relative to just your friends and no one else. This feature is ideal when competing in side bets with your buddies which we highly encourage. This gives you the opportunity to compete against the entire league as well as a select group of buddies!

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